H2oh Shop. The long and the short of it.

   Do you love the Ocean? Or a river somewhere? I do. I love water. Water is everything. I love the Ocean so much that I spend most of my free time in it. From that love, this shop was created. Whether I'm surfing, shooting photos, teaching my kids to surf or fly fishing, the ocean rarely disapoints. I also love photography and art. Combine my love of the ocean & art with my passion for photography and h2ohshop.com is born.

 Over the last few years lot of people have asked me where they can buy my Wave Photographs or Wavescapes. Up until recently I didn't have a viable answer. I hadn't intended to sell my photos. I like shooting waves because it makes me happy and I like being in the ocean. If having one of my prints makes someone else happy, I'm good with that too. After the tenth person asked where they could buy one of my prints, I decided to see what I could do. I wanted to sell my photos, products and art at good, realistic prices that I would be comfortable paying. After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that having a shop of my own would be the best way. A little store with oceanic art & goods. Pretty simple.

  There are no stock photos in H2oh Shop. Besides shooting the photos, I also do the illustration, art and print design. Everything is original and created here in California. Some of the product is made in the USA and some is made overseas. 

 I will be introducing museum quality, photographic Wavescape prints in the coming days. The fine art prints are more expensive, mostly due to process and fulfillment costs, I don't mark them up a lot. The rest of the items on H2ohshop.com are for everyday decor, comfort and fun. What I like about the products is that they are made to order, great quality and all original images & art. Big brands and logos are on everyone. It's nice to have something unique. Something to differentiate. I hope you can find an image or product in the shop that sparks a little light in you, or someone you know that has a passion for the ocean too. The work and process is where I find my spark. Thank you for dropping by.

Enjoy the Shop.

Morgan G.



My morning office view at 17th St.